Onsdag d. 25. marts 2015, kl. 19.00-21.00: The institutionalization of sustainable honey production in Argentina – A discussion of multi-stakeholder initiatives in global production networks

V. Sanja Hegelund, Cand. ling. merc, MA in International Business Communication, Spanish and American Studies, Copenhagen Business School

Over the years the world has seen a rise in fair trade and organic agro-industrial production mainly as a response to socioeconomic inequality and excessive exploitation of the world’s natural reserves. This seminar will present how fair trade and organic multi-stakeholder initiatives, such as Fairtrade International (FLO), have been institutionalized in Argentina with focus on honey production. The objective is to provide insights into what in reality can be perceived to be sustainable, and how power relations between social actors can promote or restrain regional development.

Foredraget foregår på engelsk

Sted: Café Globen, Turesensgade 2B, 1368 København K   

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